I just wanted to take a moment and give you the list of “Expectations” that was provided to each person as they spent their first dinner with their new Magistrate, Doji Kiyo. This is not necessarily in the order of importance, though it is in the order it would have been addressed.


Hold yourself to the highest standard.

Keep any of our investigations and duties beyond doubt and/or reproach.

  • If there is anyone or anything you feel responsible for (or obligated to), inform me and keep me approased to help avoid conflicts.
  • If there is someone you consider an ally, inform me. I do not want to put you in an unfavorable position with an ally.

We are now one working body. We will be investigating, riding, and living with each other for an unknown time. You WILL protect each other, whether that is in a skirmish or court. Their honor and name are intrinsically yours now, “care” for it as you would your own.

Be vigilant. Though we have a specific assignment now, we cannot be derelict in the duties of Emerald Magistrates. This includes: taxes, multi-clan conflicts, cross-border criminals, bandits, census, etc.

You must be ready to travel and work no later than one hour after dawn. Take pride in our responsibilities.

  • If you are not, however, you will assist in getting camp ready or put away, as well as spend any remaining time improving the next village we are in. For every twenty minutes late, you will owe one hour.

After dinner is your own time, unless a current assignment requires otherwise.

  • You may have one cup of sake at night. No sake is allowed if “on duty”.
  • If you ever over-indulge, you will lose two weeks of personal evenings and will instead help improve villages, roads, etc. If none is currently around, you will spend that time writing and rewriting Rokugani Law and Bushido.


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