Charter of the Emerald Magistrate

The Charter of the Emerald Magistrate was the grant of authority or rights the Emperor gave to the Emerald Magistrates.


The charter especified those crimes which had to be pursued by the Emerald Magistrates, as crimes against the Emperor, any national crimes, Shadowlands incursions, fugitives who had crossed borders, performers of blasphemous rituals, or any act that would risk civil disorder.


The Emerald Magistrates had to enforce Imperial Law, oversee Tax Collection, authorize travel papers, protect dignataries from outside Clan boundaries, brief with the Emerald Champion once per month, notification of those crimes he had no jurisdiction to the proper one, brief with city or regional Governor, notification of samurai accusations


To ensure honorable justice within his jurisdiction the Emerald Magistrates were excluded to provide street patrols or random policing, investigate local crimes, authorize or invalidate Blood Feuds, command troops except as indicated below, accept anything in exchange for his duties as magistrate.


To aid in the pursuit of justice and social order the Emerald Magistrates had special privileges, powers and rights as the right of questioning of any people of lower social class, right of sentencing of a confessed criminal, orders of appearance upon persons of higher social worth upon the presentation of a valid order of appearance, right to prior information by local Governors and Daimyo, right to commandeer troops provided that they informed the local daimyo or Governor, right of command the Imperial Legions at the discretion of the Emerald Champion, right of privy investigation to overrun local magistrate jurisdiction, right to provide valid travel papers of more limited scope.

Charter of the Emerald Magistrate

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