Usagi Family

Of all the Minor Clans, perhaps none other is such a fixture of peasant legend as the Hare. Many tales tell of how an insidious maho-tsuki or manipulative crime lord seized a village in the grip of fear, only to be undone by a clever wandering Hare. Though the Hare did not brag of their exploits, many of these tales are true, and paint a portrait of the unique duty the Hare have taken upon themselves. They are finders of secrets, rooters out of conspiracy. Those who are hidden and work against the peace of the Empire have named themselves enemies of the Hare – and the Hare will find them.

This duty has always fallen upon the Hare. The ronin, Reichin, was one of the first to witness Iuchiban’s return. He joined with the armies of the Empire in fighting the Bloodspeaker. Realizing that his own strength was limited and that he was merely one man, he did what he could. He sabotaged Iuchiban’s supply lines, made distractions to misdirect his troops, and spied upon troop movements so that the Emerald Champion would know precisely when and where to strike. So frustrating were Reichin’s activities that the Bloodspeaker Jama Suru swore personal vengeance upon Reichin and all who followed him. The Emperor also took note of Reichin’s activities and awarded Minor Clan Status upon him.

Though the Bloodspeakers have always been the Hare’s primary enemy, they have not limited themselves to fighting maho tsuki.

Members of the Hare Clan are typically smaller and slighter than the average Rokugani. Despite their size, they possess remarkable strength and agility. The Hare fighting style must be seen to be believed, incorporating incredible leaps and flips with savage kicks.

Usagi Family

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