Unicorn Clan Families

Clan Champion: Shinjo Yokatsu

The Clan of the Unicorn as once known as the Clan of the Ki-Rin when it was founded by the Kami, Shinjo. Unlike the other Great Clans, the Clan does not have an extensive past in Rokugan, but instead traces most of its traditions and history to the time that Shinjo’s followers roamed the lands far beyond the Empire. When the first Thunders defeated Fu Leng, Shinjo found herself stricken by grief and worry. She had loved her brother, Fu Leng, and had even hoped to the last that there would be some way to redeem him. Further, the surprising corruption of the Ninth Kami hinted to Shinjo that there were possible dangers that could threaten Hantei’s new Empire. Unable to live in an Empire built on the blood of her siblings and wary of what lie beyond the next horizon, Shinjo gathered what followers that would follow her into the unknown and began her journey to the north, to the Burning Sands and beyond. The trials of the Ki-Rin Clan shaped what they would eventually become, and their bizarre adventures and encounters made the Ki-Rin into something completely new. After spending generations outside the Empire and adopting the customs of those that flocked to the Ki-Rin’s banner, the Clan realized they were neither Rokugani nor completely different. Shinjo’s children took the symbol of the Unicorn as their totem and introduced themselves thus to the Empire when they returned after eight hundred years of self-imposed exile.

The confusion and distrust the Unicorn encountered over three hundred years ago upon their return has abated only a little subsequently. The Unicorn are constantly rebuked for their “barbarian” ways and general refusal to give up their traditions to become more like the other Clans. The Unicorn are also a very nomadic people, causing them to eschew permanent structures and cities whenever possible. Naturally, this causes a serious problem for outsiders who wish to locate a specific Unicorn samurai, or those who wish to even find a mark of Unicorn civilization in their lands at all. Though the Clan has cities, they are far between and mostly for the purposes of farming or just for the convenience of visitors. Despite the Empire’s general distrust of the Unicorn, none can deny the strength of their cavalry warriors or their skill in wilderness arts such as hunting and tracking. The Unicorn’s return to Rokugan brought disorder to even the most cunning Akodo generals, and the famed Hiruma scouts have long since formed a strong bond with the Unicorn in order to train among their hunters. In effect, the reason why the Unicorn tend to be scorned is the same reason they are respected and feared – they are a strong, independent Clan full of unpredictable and exotic resources and tactics.

In recent generations, the influx of Moto family members have dwelled for centuries beyond Rokugan’s borders has caused the Unicorn to embrace their gaijin traditions as never before. Though they do not disrespect the paths the other clans take, the Unicorn prefer to do things in their own unique manner. Though they will meet with foreign diplomats within their castles and cities, they prefer open fields, dwelling in a warm yurt.

Unicorn stand out from samurai of other clans in any situation due to their gaijin ancestry. For most families, this is a matter of dress and demeanor as much as physical characteristics. Unicorn tend to be shorter and of stockier build than most, with broader features and long, bushy hair.

Horiuchi Family
Current Daimyo: Horiuchi Shoan

Ide Family
Current Daimyo:

Iuchi Family
Current Daimyo: Iuchi Daiyu

Moto Family
Current Daimyo: Moto Terumori

Shinjo Family
Current Daimyo: Shinjo Yokatsu

Utaku Family
Current Daimyo: Utaku Tetsuko

Unicorn Clan Families

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