Tonbo Family

The Dragonfly are a clan with rather curious origins. A Phoenix maiden betrothed to a Lion samurai instead married a Dragon and fled to the mountains that would become the Dragonfly’s home. When the Lion sought retribution, the armies of the Dragon and Phoenix inexplicably gathered to defend their kinsmen’s betrayal. Even more curious, the Emperor not only blessed their actions but forgave them and granted them Minor Clan Status. Though the Lion could not attack the Dragonfly directly, they labored tirelessly to weaken the Dragonfly’s allies, inevitably leading the Dragonfly into a handful of confrontations.

The Lion have never forgotten the terrible insult that Dragon, Phoenix, and Dragonfly delivered against them by breaking their word and assembling their armies to defend their dishonesty. The Lion make it a point to shed the Dragonfly’s blood whenever possible. Many Lion still do not feel that their honor will be cleansed until the Dragonfly are no more, and bide their time until the next opportunity for attack.

The Dragonfly have few bushi. Most of their number train as shugenja, focusing strongly upon Water magic. Living in the foothills between Dragon and Phoenix lands, they serve as mediators and representatives. Those who wish to speak to the Dragon Champion but do not wish to endure the grueling climb only to find that he is occupied speak with the Dragonfly first.

Dragonfly samurai tend to have a rather plain and unassuming appearance. They have somewhat rugged features reminiscent of their Mirumoto ancestors, but carry themselves in the calm manner of the Phoenix. It is interesting to note that while the Lion hate the Dragonfly with a fury that cannot be easily measured, the Dragonfly do not return their hatred. Most Dragonfly realize that a battle with the Lion is a battle they cannot win. As all of their past confrontations have only made their relationship with the Lion even worse than before, most realize they are better off avoiding the Lion altogether.

Historical Battles – The Battle of Kyuden Tonbo – year 704 elaborates on the Dragonfly creation.

Tonbo Family

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