Togashi Order

The Togashi are the oldest of the Tattooed Orders, having been established shortly after the first war with Fu Leng ended during the Empire’s earliest days. The first members were samurai disillusioned with the horrors they had seen during the war, seeking wisdom from the enigmatic Togashi. A monastic order soon formed following the reclusive Kami’s teachings. it is unknow when he first began to grant tattoos using his blood to monks, called ise zumi, but the result was nothing less than spectacular.

Of the three Tattooed Orders, the Togashi are the most widely known by outsiders. Legends of the ise zumi have existed for centuries, and they are well regarded by peasants throughout the Empire. One such monk, Togashi Kaze, developed basic unarmed combat techniques to peasants all across the Empire many centuries ago, teaching them to defend themselves against the predations of corrupt or abusive samurai. This level of devotion to the well being of individuals, regardless of their station is the defining quality of the Togashi order.

The Togashi are an energetic, enigmatic group, most likely of all tattooed men to take an active role in the Empire, and yet are the most likely to act seemingly at random, without rhyme or reason. While they are well liked by many peasants, they are rarely understood.

Save for their fantastic tattoos, Togashi are much like monks in appearance. Their intensive focus on feats of agility results in a much more toned and athletic appearance than other monks, perhaps, but they do not bear the same huge physiques demonstrated by the Hitomi. There are few common elements of height within the order, given that membership draws from all manner of families.

Togashi Order

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