Scorpion Clan Families

Clan Champion: Bayushi Shoju

Also referred to as the Emperor’s Underhand, the Scorpion are a clan of secrecy and manipulation. Though the clan indulges in a number of various industries to support itself, the main source of the Scorpion Clan’s power is information. They are master politicians, with eyes and ears in every court. It is said that if you possess a secret, there is a Scorpion somewhere who knows it. Though they have a reputation as blackmailers it is rare that they ever need to be so obvious. Threat and coercion are the tools of a desperate man; more valuable is to truly know one’s opponent better than he knows himself so that he might be more easily manipulated.

This said, Scorpion samurai have earned quite a reputation as villains throughout the Empire’s history. This is in no small part the Scorpion’s intent, carefully cultivating an aura of fear and intimidation so that others will avoid opposing them. This reputation is everything to the Scorpion Clan, a careful mix of threat, illusion, and true power that keeps enemies confused and unbalanced. A Scorpion does not make a threat he is not prepared to act upon, and Scorpion vengeance is legendary in its swiftness, brutality, and inevitability.

Of course, all of this manipulation and deception is not without purpose. The Scorpion are unswervingly loyal to the Emperor, and work tirelessly to seek out potential threats to the throne. Thus they maintain a balance by subtly pitting the clans against one another. This loyalty defines Scorpion honor. All sins will be forgiven if loyalty to one’s family, clan, and Emperor are maintained. Thus while it may be difficult to gain the true trust of a deceptive Scorpion, they are in the end the most loyal allies a samurai can hope to call upon. An honorable samurai who befriends a Scorpion might find many of his problems mysterious melting away, enemies having accidents on the way to the battlefield or mysteriously reconsidering the matter altogether. The Scorpion, of course, will keep his hand in the matter concealed so that his honorable friend need not worry over the details of what he has done.

The Scorpion do not necessarily enjoy the dishonorable acts they must perform on a routine basis, but they recognize the need for them. It is not uncommon for Scorpion samurai to become bitter and cynical as they watch the Empire prosper from their secret activities, yet continue to criticize them for their “dishonor”.

Some might question how a clan that purports itself as the Clan of Secrets can possibly accomplish anything in secrecy. Again, it is a matter of reputation and manipulation. The Scorpion are quite adept at putting potential opponents at ease, at assuring them that they are in control until there is a pressing need to reveal otherwise. The Scorpion use their reputation as a shield as well as a blade. A typical Bayushi strategy is to shamefully admit that many among the clan are indeed dishonorable and untrustworthy – but that they are the exception. The courtier will beg that only a small modicum of trust be shown so that he might protect his new friends from his disreputable brethren. In other words, a Scorpion makes certain everyone knows how fiendish all Scorpion samurai are, but also that those around him believe he is the exception to the rule.

Members of the Scorpion clan tend to be pale and thin, with regal, delicate features. All Scorpion samurai wear masks, as the Kami Bayushi did, to honor their immortal founder. The style of the mask varies wildly by the wielder, and is always an extremely personal choice. Scorpion take their masks very seriously, and some would no sooner be seen without their mask than without their daisho.

Bayushi Family
Current Daimyo: Bayushi Shoju

Shosuro Family
Current Daimyo: Shosuro Hametsu

Soshi Family
Current Daimyo: Soshi Bantaro

Yogo Family
Current Daimyo: Yogo Junzo

Scorpion Clan Families

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