Tao of Shinsei

Quotes from the Tao of Shinsei
“First we are enveloped by the womb; then we are enveloped by custom; finally we are enveloped by death.”

“Understand the Will of Heaven, and you make all things possible. Ignore it, and you will accomplish nothing.”

Sample Prayers

  • Morning Prayer to the Ancestors – “Honored ancestors, you watch over your children day and night. Honored ones, accept then this offering of gratitude.”
  • A Daily Prayer for Purification – “All the evil karma created by me, by my fear, desire, and regret, created by my body and thought, I confess openly and fully.”
  • A Prayer Before Meals – “Rice gruel is effective in five ways to aid the traveler on the Way. There is no limit to its good results, resulting in peace forever.”
  • A Prayer Used as a Blessing of Persons and Places – “Whatever spirits have come together here, either belonging to the earth or living in the air, let all spirits be happy, and then listen attentively to what is said.
    --Therefore, O spirits, attend to me, show kindness to the human race who both day and night bring their offerings; therefore protect them with your strength.
    --Whatever wealth there be here or in the other world, or whatever excellent jewel in the heavens, it is certainly not equal to the Way. The most excellent jewel is found in the Tao of Shinsei, by this truth may there be enlightenment.
    --The destruction of fear, the freedom from passion, the cutting off from regret; the excellent peace which Shinsei attained, there is nothing equal to that Way. This excellent jewel is found in the Tao, by this truth may there be enlightenment.
    --The purity which the best of teachers praised, the meditation which they call uninterrupted, here is no meditation like this. This excellent jewel is found in the Tao, by this truth may there be enlightenment.”


Rulers of Tengoku
In the Heavens the absolute rulers are the Sun and Moon, although the exact identities of these two supreme beings has changed over the course of 1100 years. For most of Rokugan’s history, Onnotangu the Lord Moon and Amaterasu the Lady Sun held these positions, watching over the Empire founded by their children.

Beneath the Sun and Moon are their primary servants, the Seven Fortunes and the Elemental Dragons. Below these servants are the Lesser Fortunes.

  • The Dragons inhabit a specific portion of the Heavens known colloquially as the Dragonlands. There is one Dragon for each of the five Elements, as well as a number of other Dragons, including the Celestial Dragon, who holds the Heavens aloft, and the Thunder Dragon, the spirit and patron of heroes in the mortal realm. The Dragons typically observe the mortal realm by bestowing a fraction of their inestimable power upon a mortal vassal, creating individuals known as the Oracles of Light. There is only ever one Oracle in existence for each Dragon, and if an Oracle somehow perishes or abandons its post, the Dragon chooses another one. It is extremely rare for the Dragons themselves to manifest in Ningen-do, and when they do it is always a major event that has long-lasting repercussions.
  • The Seven Fortunes are similar in many respects to the Elemental Dragons. They have nigh-infinite divine power restricted by their role in the Celestial Order, using their power in the mortal realm on an infrequent basis. The Fortunes will often bestow their blessings on mortals who seek their favor, or curse those who have offended them in some way. The Fortunes also sometimes take stronger action and manifest directly in the mortal realm; such events always make a significant impression on the Empire’s affairs.


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