Phoenix Clan Families

Clan Champion: Shiba Ujimitsu

When the Kami fell to the mortal world, they went about organizing the scattered tribes they found in what would become the Clans of Rokugan. All of Sun and Moon’s children were attended by followers that swore fealty to them and the Kami declared themselves the masters of their one. Shiba gathered those who would follow him, but was refused by the mystic called Isawa. Isawa refused to bend his knee to the Kami, even when Shinsei came to him to proclaim he was the Thunder of the Phoenix Clan, and the race of men would be doomed without his help. Isawa said that without him, his people would suffer, and it was then that Shiba did the unthinkable – he knelt before the mortal Isawa and pledged an oath that the Kami’s descendants would always protect Isawa’s. Since that time, the Isawa have ruled the Phoenix Clan through their Council of Elemental Masters, and the Champion of the Clan (born of the Shiba line) has remained a figurehead to help maintain the Phoenix’s place in Rokugan. Among other Clans, such an arrangement would cause insurmountable disputes within the Clan, the Phoenix have little such difficulty. There are often struggles between the families of the Phoenix, but they fight amongst themselves like loyal siblings – never going far enough to harm another and always closing ranks in the face of outsides.

As Shiba and Isawa were men of peace and study, the Clan of the Phoenix has evolved into a Clan of scholars, pacifists, and mystics. Those that seek knowledge on obscure and even dangerous topics often turn to the Phoenix for answers, and the Clan produces the finest shugenja known to the Empire. Like the Crane, the Phoenix is dedicated to the ideal of peace, but is much more resolute in the face of violence. Men and women of the Phoenix gladly and freely give their lives if they feel their deaths will serve the cause of peace, and more than one conflict has been brought to a stunned halt by a Phoenix commander or battalion was cut down without even reaching for a weapon.

The Phoenix are conservative in appearance, with elaborate but reasonable clothing and sharply pointed features. They frequently have a contemplative air, as if considering some mystery that others cannot fathom. This gives others the impression that Phoenix are arrogant, which is not always an unfounded assumption. Phoenix tend to have slight builds and are slightly shorter than average.

Asako Family
Current Daimyo: Asako Togama

Isawa Family
Current Daimyo: Council of Five

Shiba Family
Current Daimyo: Shiba Ujimitsu

Phoenix Clan Families

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