Minor Clan Families

Badger Clan

Ichiro Family
Current Daimyo: Ichiro Chuga

Centipede Clan

Moshi Family
Current Daimyo: Moshi Wakiza

Dragonfly Clan

Tonbo Family
Current Daimyo: Tonbo Sodan

Falcon Clan

Toritaka Family
Current Daimyo: Toritaka Genzo

Fox Clan

Kitsune Family
Current Daimyo: Kitsune Gohei

Hare Clan

Usagi Family
Current Daimyo: Usagi Oda Clan was destroyed 20+ years ago by the Scorpions due to practicing blood magic.

Mantis Clan

The Mantis Clan was formed by Hida Kaimetsu-uo, the son of Hida Osano-Wo and grandson of Hida. When he was denied his birthright in favor of Oano-Wo’s second son, Kaimetsu-uo left the Crab lands and sought his fortune among the distant Islands of Silk and Spice. There, he met the storyteller Umnmei, who shared with him tales of heroism witnessed firsthand before the Day of Thunder. Inspired, Kaimetsu-uo vowed to create a dynasty worthy of his uncle, the Thunder Hida Atarasi. Followers gradually came to his banner, and in time the Mantis were recognized as the first Minor Clan in Rokugan (although the Fox insist they were the first to be recognized).

Kaimetsu-uo’s legacy has been a checkered one. In time, his people have been both heroes, standing against the gaijin at the Battle of White Stage, and villains. By and large, however, they have remained out of sight of Rokugan, carving a profitable if solitary existence from the sea and the coastline, gradually accumulating great wealth through trade and the occasional acts of piracy.

The Mantis are an intensely practical and pragmatic people. Having survived centuries in isolation, they believe very strongly in individualism. They look upon the other Clans with a mixture of disdain and envy, which does little to improve relations with the mainland. Many younger Mantis frequently have innate insecurities that drive them to prove themselves to the world at large, driving them to either great heroism or to become insufferable bores.

Yoritomo Family
Current Daimyo: Yoritomo

Sparrow Clan

Suzume Family
Current Daimyo: Suzume Kashira

Tortoise Clan

Kasuga Family
Current Daiymo: Kasuga Kizoku

Wasp Clan

Tsuruchi Family
Current Daimyo: Tsuruchi

Minor Clan Families

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