Also known as blood sorcerers or blood-speakers, these are people who have succumbed to dark and secret arts. They do not use kami, but call on the corrupt power of kansen, evil elemental spirits born from the power of Jigoku.

Unlike normal Rokugani magic, which requires one to be born with the ability to speak with the elemental spirits, maho can be cast by anyone who can learn the incantations – indeed, the kansen themselves are known to whisper their spells into the ears of those willing to listen. it is believed that, because it represents “easy power” that lies outside the bounds of the Celestial Order, maho tends to be especially alluring to the ambitious and the downtrodden – samurai who forsake Bushido for personal gain, and embittered peasants whose dreams of a better life drive them to darkness.

It is considered, among many things, a blasphemous religion. In a legal sense, it is comparative to murder, even if the person you use to form the blood spell lives after. It is punishable by death, traditionally hanging or beheadment as opposed to seppukku.

Iuchiban was the most famous Maho-Tsuki, first appearing in the 6th century.


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