Lion Clan Families

Clan Champion: Akodo Toturi

There has never been any question that the dominant military power in Rokugan has throughout the Empire’s history eblonged to the Lion Clan, the Right Hand of the Emperor. Despite the hardships the clan has suffered throughout the past, the Lion have never wavered or hesitated, contributing more troops to the Empire’s defense than any other two clans combined.

The Lion are consumate soldiers. Every major decision in their lives is made with bushido as the instrument to measure their outcome. The majority of Lion samurai have little or no talent at deception, and tend to be forthright almost to the point of rudeness. Yet the Lion are not the warmongering braggarts that other clans make them out to be. Even the long-standing enmity between the Lion and their rivals, the Crane and Scorpion, stems from the Lion’s distaste for flowery language and deception. The Lion prefer an honest and dedicated approach to life that leaves no room for such things.

Every aspect of their appearance speaks to discipline and control. They tend to be of average height and slightly heavier built than many families due to their years of military training. Some Lion dye their hair brilliant red colors or achieve that affect naturally via strong Kitsu ancestry.

Akodo Family
Current Daimyo: Akodo Toturi

Ikoma Family
Current Daimyo: Ikoma Anakazu

Kitsu Family
Current Daimyo: Kitsu Toju

Matsu Family
Current Daimyo: Matsu Tsuko

Lion Clan Families

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