Kitsune Family

Following the first War Against Fu Leng, the Lady Shinjo took the Ki-Rin Clan and resolved to explore lands beyond Rokugan. Not all Ki-Rin, however, joined the perilous journey. A handful remained behind to protect Shinjo’s lands. After a time, many began to look upon the small band of samurai’s vast holdings with jealousy. When the remaining Ki-Rin were unable to pay the Emperor’s taxes, the Lion immediately invaded and claimed the lands. The Ki-Rin withdrew rapidly, unwilling to be crushed by the Lion armies.

The Ki-Rin beseeched the Emperor for support, and he granted them unoccupied lands. These lands, unfortunately, were in the depths of the haunted Kitsune Mori. They were granted the Kitsune family name and were the first group of samurai to receive the official Minor Clan status. (The Mantis Clan would argue this point, for they referred to themselves as the Mantis Clan for some amount of time beforehand but were not officially recognized as such till later.) Unafraid of the challenges the haunted forest presented, the Fox Clan built their home here.

In the deep shadows of the Kitsune Mori, the young Fox Clan discovered strange things. Their blood came to mingle with the ancient spirits that dwell in the forest, the shape shifting fox spirits for whom the forest was named. Through their connection with these spirits the Fox have formed a bond with nature unlike any other in Rokugan. They understand the ways of animals and are expert hunters, trackers, and woodsmen. Though most are shugenja, even their shugenja undergo some combat training and wield a wicked nagamaki. The Fox also serve as unofficial guides to the animal spirits; when a shapeshifter crosses over into the mortal realm and wishes to explore it is not uncommon for them to seek out a Fox, for they seem more approachable than other humans.

The Fox are a peaceful clan, but have difficulty keeping to themselves. Combing the explorer’s spirit of their Unicorn cousins with the boundless curiosity of their spirit ancestors, the Kitsune frequently strike out of their forest to see what lies beyond. They have a reputation for meddling in the affairs of others, as well as a boundless capacity for mischief. Though their relation to the fox spirits is not publicly acknowledged, most suspect that the Fox has been changed by living in their haunted forests for so long, and do not fully trust them.

Members of the Fox tend to have a somewhat wild appearance, with dark skin, long hair, and a piercing gaze. They move with supple grace and fluidity borne of a life running through the forests.

Kitsune Family

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