Kitsuke Family

In the three centuries since their creation, the Kitsuki family has developed a reputation throughout the Empire as incredibly skilled magistrates, held in the same regard as long-standing institutions like the Doji family magistrates and the Kuni witch hunters. The Kitsuki are unconcerned with reputation, however, and consider the pursuit of justice to be the ultimate reward.

Agasha Kitsuki was a poor shugenja with a talent for observation. His unique insights were considered interesting by his sensei, but ultimately unimportant in the grand scheme of things. When he was accused of murder, he sought favor with a doting sensei, who arranged for him to have one full day to prove his innocence. Using rudimentary forensic techniques, Kitsuki acquired both physical evidence and testimony exonerating him. So impressive was his feat that Kitsuki was granted permission to found a new family within the Dragon, signed by both the Dragon Champion and the Emperor.

The Kitsuki family supplies magistrates and ambassadors for the Dragon, serving in courts all around the Empire. Most hosts delight in having a Kitsuki in attendance, as their presence is a strong deterrent for any illicit activities. Bandits and criminals across the Empire fear the name Kitsuki, and will often leave the area if one arrives, if for no other reason than that the Kitsuki absolutely will not relent until they have found their prey, and they are rarely wrong.

While the Kitsuki largely forsake martial pursuits, there is a small faction within the family who study dueling alongside the Mirumoto. By tracking down and dueling fugitives to the death, they simultaneously prove their guilt and bring them to justice. This elite group of magistrates are known as justicars, and are among the Emerald Champion’s most trusted agents.

The Kitsuki pride themselves on their open demeanor and appearance. They wear modest clothing and use traditional styles to make themselves more appealing to potential allies. They have small to medium builds and a piercing stare that can unnerve even the most adamant samurai.

Kitsuke Family

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