Kaiu Family

The Kaiu are a family of engineers, smiths, and siege masters. They are the pragmatic scholars of their clan, turning all of their boundless energies into the eternal art of war. The Kaiu Wall stands as their proudest accomplishment, but the Kaiu are not satisfied with their masterpiece. Kaiu engineers work tirelessly to repair, strengthen, and improve their clan’s defenses. The Crab have come to trust and admire Kaiu craftsmanship above all others. Rare is the Crab whose swords and armor were not born in a Kaiu forge. In the eyes of a Hida, Hiruma, or Yasuki the only truly reliable weapon is a weapon forged by a Kaiu master.

Though they rule their own home provinces ad o any family, the Kaiu are often scattered throughout their clan’s territories working on countless projects. They are relentless perfectionists, keenly focused upon fighting the war against the Shadowlands in their own way – by providing their brethren with the weapons and defenses they require to survive.

A Kaiu tends to pick a certain area of craftsmanship or siege craft and focus on it thoroughly. Ironically they often carry themselves in a more scholarly manner than their Kuni cousins, obsessed as they are with the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Kaiu are keen, patient strategists and will observe a problem from all angles before considering a solution. For this reason they also make excellent courtiers and magistrates, approaching politics and law with the same methodical patience that they would use to construct a fortress.

Kaiu are large like most Crab, but generally do not have the time to hone their physique like their Hiruma and Hida cousins. Thus Kaiu tend to be large and thick, but not well toned. The typical Kaiu has the mammoth physique of a warrior, but the ink stained hands and sleeves of a scholar.

Kaiu Family

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