Imperial Family

Emperor: Hantei XXXVIII

When the Kami fell to the mortal world, they held a great contest between them to see who would be the most suited to rule the land they hand found. It was clear to the children of Sun and Moon that the scattered tribes of humans would need to be unified under a strong and capable leader. To this end, the Kami fought between themselves until only the most worthy of them remained standing – Hantei. None of his siblings could deny their brother’s right to rule; his might, honor, wisdom, and grace outshone all of the other Kami. Hantei knew that though he was individually stronger than any one of his brothers and sisters, together they were more than merely the sum of their parts. Hantei commanded his siblings to organize their followers into the Clans, and those Clans would serve him and his descendants for all time. Though Hantei did not wish any of his brothers and sisters to attend him directly, he was impressed by two mortals early in the founding of the Empire – wise Lady Seppun and cunning Otomo. The two mortals became the right and left hands of the First Emperor in the day-to-day functions of his new Imperial City, serving as his personal guards and advisors. Though the children of the Clans have power and authority as samurai, they only have such at the whim of the Imperial Families, the source from which all true authority on the mortal world stems.

It is hard to categorize the Imperial families as a single unit. Unlike the Clans, they have no prescribed duty but to rule the Empire in all ways. To this end, Imperial bushi, courtiers, and shugenja are free to focus their attention in whatever way best serves their Emperor. The samurai of the Imperial families radiate authority and power wherever they go, not only because they carry the authority of the Imperial Throne but also from over a thousand years of such authority running through their veins. Imperial warriors are said to have the eyes of the Elemental Dragons, and the politicians of the Otomo house have the reputation of being able to see your thoughts as plainly as kanji written on a scroll. Where the Clans may boast to be the greatest in one thing or another, the Imperial families need make no such claims. Only a fool challenges the authority, power, and skill of those who attend the Throne directly. It is a mistake that would surely cost the offender his life, his honor, his name, and even his existence in Rokugan’s history.

The Imperial bloodlines are carefully preserved, marrying for political gain for the most part. As a result, they tend to have a more variable appearance than many clans. Generally speaking, they dress in a traditional manner and maintain a modest personal appearance.

Miya Family
Current Daimyo: Miya Yoto

Otomo Family
Current Daimyo: Otomo Sorai

Seppun Family
Current Daimyo: Seppun Daiori

Imperial Family

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