Historical Battles

The War Against Fu Leng – circa year 25
Shortly after the fall of the Kami, waves of darkness issue from the Festering Pit, tainting the southern lands of Rokugan. The armies of the Lost Brother, Fu Leng, swarm across Rokugan and destroy all in their path. The servants of the Hantei fight valiantly for decades, but find that they are slowly losing the War.

Day of Thunder – circa year 42
When the war looks bleakest, Shinsei gathers one mortal from each of the Seven Great Clans. Hida Atarasi, Doji Konishiko, Mirumoto, Matsu, Isawa, Shosuro, and Otaku join Shinsei on a journey to the Shadowlands to defeat the fallen god Fu Leng. All of the Thunders die there, save one.

The Battle Against the First Oni – circa year 42
After the defeat of Fu Leng, Shiba journeys into the Shadowlands in search of Shinsei and the Thunders. Shiba is mortally wounded slaying the First Oni, but ensures that Shosuro returns to the Empire alive.

The Battle of Seikitsu Pass – circa year 99
While surveying the construction of the Hall of Ancestors and Ikoma Libraries within the Lion lands, Akodo One-Eye is caught in an unexpected fight with beasts of the Shadowlands. The monsters make their way through the Shinomen Forest, preparing to attack the fledgling borders of the Empire. Akodo stands against the horde with one hundred of his men, and meets his enemy in what was once the Seikitsu Pass through the Spine of the World Mountains. When the battle seems lost, Akodo calls out to his mothr, the Sun Goddess, to witness how brave men died. As the advancing Shadowlands beasts reach him, Akodo’s mighty roar collapses the passing, bringing down a mountain upon him and his enemies.

The First Yasuki War – 387
The First Yasuki War took place in the Fourth Century, and was the first major conflict between two Great Clans. The war had many major consequences for Rokugani society, including an Imperial decree that formally forbade the declaration of war between two Great Clans, and the first defection of a Family from one Clan to another. The war also created an ongoing feud between the Crane and the Crab. This bad blood led to innumerable border skirmishes over the centuries, a second war over the Yasuki and an ongoing conflict that history may very well remember as the Third Yasuki War.

The Seeds of this conflict were sown when the Crane Clan began censuring questionable practices by the Yasuki Family. The Yasuki leadership protested, claiming that they had been given leave to pursue their duties in their own manner for centuries, and that the Crane had always benefited from the fruits of their labor. The Crane Champion would not relent, however, and this created a schism between the two. Many expected the Yasuki Daiymo to commit kanshi in protest against his superior, but that was not the Yasuki way.

Instead, the Daimyo solicited the Crab for assistance, and orchestrated a seizure of several key Yasuki provinces by the Crab. When the Crane responded angrily, the Yasuki defected to the Crab and declared their fealty to the Crab Champion. Enraged, the Crane declared war upon the Crab, and the ensuing conflicted lasted for over a decade.

The Five Nights of Shame – year 402
Alerted to the presence of the Shuten Doji, the Council of Elemental Masters devote considerable resources to the Snake Clan’s destruction. Huge numbers of Shiba bushi are lost in the battle before the Masters discover the proper means to combat the spirit. In the end, however, the Snake Clan is utterly destroyed. No trace remains of the Shuten Doji, or the Phoenix magistrate sent to discover its ultimate fate.

The Tadaka-Itagi Battle – year 412
This is the famous event wherein an arrogant Lion Champion, Matsu Itagi, ventured into the Shadowlands, only to be rescued by the Crab Champion, Hida Tadaka. Both Champions thereafter died from the wounds they sustained fighting the Shadowlands together.

The Battle of White Stag/Raging Seas – year 442
The gaijin ambassadors are commanded to leave otosan uchi, and retaliate with violence. In the ensuing battle, Hantei Yugozohime is tragically slain. The united clans band together to slaughter the gaijin, driving the shattered remnants of their fleet to sea, where many of their number are consumed in a mysterious storm. This is the first major sea battle in Rokugani history.

Red Snow Battle – year 509
Akodo Meikuko violent reacts to a Togashi monk’s casual statement in the court, monilizing an army of 20,000 soldiers to attack Togashi Mountain. Only 2,000 survive the great winter battle. Meikoku takes her life with the sword given to her by Asahin Yajinden. Her name is thereafter synonymous with “mistake” among the Lion.

The Battle of Stolen Graves – year 510
Scorpion Champion Bayushi Rikoji suspects foul sorcery after the deaths of the daiymo who wielded three identical blades. He dispatches Scorpion magistrate and shugenja Soshi Takasho to find the creator of the blade. Together with the Legionnaire Akodo Minobe, they discover the secret cult of the blood sorcerer Iuchiban, who plans to animate the bodies of the Imperial crypts as an army to be used against the Emperor himself. Rousing the armies of the clans, iuchiban is eventually captured, killed, and entombed within a great structure that was enchanted to contain his blackened soul.

After Iuchiban’s defeat, the Emperor therafter issues a formal edict that all corpses of the dead will henceforth be cremated rather than buried, to prevent the use of the bodies of honored ancestors as vessels of evil magic.

The Battle of Kenson Gakka – year 569
After a failed attack on Kyuden Ikoma, the Matsu retaliate and attack Shiro no Meiyo. The Lion make an example of the Scorpion present, killing everyone within and renaming the city Kenson Gakka (“Humility’s Lesson”).

The Kusatte Iru Conflict – year 634
Fearing that none other could possibly defeat the dreaded creature, Kuni Harike sets out to end the threat of the Kusatte Iru, perhaps the largest and most powerful oni ever spawned by the Shadowlands. Armed with his magic and a dark and sinister artifact, Harike sets out accompanied only by his friend and yojimbo, Kuni Ryute. Although Ryute is slain and Harike’s soul irrevocably corrupted, the foul beast is placed in a deep slumber in which it may never awaken, ending the threat it poses to the Empire.

The Battle of Kyuden Tonbo – year 704
Despite her betrothal to a samurai from the Lion Clan, Phoenix shugenja Isawa maroko marries her true love, Mirumoto Asijin of the Dragon. Their parent clans, notorious for their tolerant and enigmatic ways, permit the couple to settle in the plains south of the Dragon Clan. Maroko’s jilted suitor, Akodo Yokutsu, leads an army of 5,000 Lions against the couple’s holdings, only to be stopped by two armies, one Dragon and one Phoenix, preventing his attack. Furthermore, a huge force of shugenja prevents his retreat until Yokutsu swears never again to harass Marko and Asijin. Please with the outcome, the pro-Crane Emperor awards the couple a family name, Tonbo, and Minor Clan Status as the Dragonfly Clan.

The Battle of the Grat Climb – year 711
Insulted by an Agasha ambassador in court, the vengeful Lion general Akodo Yokutsu leads an army of Lion against the Dragon Clan, careful to avoid the lands of Mirumoto Asijin and Isawa Maroko lest he violate the oath he swore seven years previous. Laying siege to the Dragon, Yokutsu demands a duel with Asijin to redeem his honor. The Dragon daiymo Togashi Akoyo arranges the duel, in which Asijin is killed. This is part of an agreement between Akoyo and Asijin, one which extends the Dragon Clan’s protection to the Dragonfly in exchange for Asijin’s sacrifice. The arrogant Yokutsu declares himself the daiymo of the Dragonfly and states his intention to wed Isawa Maroko, but is challenged and killed in a duel by Asijin and Maroko’s son, Tonbo Kuyuden. With the threat of violence from the Lion temporarily appeased, the Dragonfly Clan becomes the Dragon’s official emisarries.

The Battle of the Tidal Landbridge – year 715
While a sizable force of Shadowlands creatures attack the Crab forces elsewhere, a lone and sparsely defended watchtower near Earthquake Fish Bay is attacked by a cunning Oni no Kinjiro and its minions. Severely outnumbered, the Crab seem doomed despite their commander’s battle prowess. Just when all seems lost, a hunting horn sounds across the bay. Daimyo Daidoji Masashigi and his guardsmen charge across the Tidal Landbridge and attack the foul creatures. The weary and battered Crab are quickly left behind as masashigi forces the creatures onto the Landbridge. There, they fight with Oni no Kinjiro as the waves rise up and around them, swallowing everything. The Crab wait, but no survivors emerge. Only a battered helmet, once worn by Masashigi, is found. The Crab build a shrine to the valiant hero, and henceforth have close relations with the so-called “iron cranes”, the Daidoji family.

The Battle of Hiruma Castle – year 716
Caught off-guard by a massive Shadowlands army, the samurai of Hiruma Castle are quickly overrun and completely routed. The dark army is greater than any witnessed since the days of the war with Fu Leng. The Hiruma are pushed back all the way to the Hida provinces, where the army is finally stopped by powerful magic from the Kuni family.

The Battle of the Cresting Wave – year 716
After the fall of Hiruma Castle, the Crab Clan rallies around the provinces of the Hida. The great army of the oni lord Maw is delayed by a powerful young shugenja named Kuni Osaku, who creates a gigantic wave of water from the Saigo River to keep them at bay while the Crab scramble to create the Great Carpenter Wall. After 73 days, the wall is complete. Osaku collapses dead from the strain of her magic and the armies of the Maw attack the Wall. Despite their numbers, the Shadowlands creatures cannot overwhelm the entrenched Crab, bolstered as they are by hired ronin and samurai of the other Great Clans. The Maw’s forces are eventually beaten back into the Shadowlands, where a hidden force of bloodthirsty Hiruma exact a terrible vengeance for the loss of their homeland. The Maw is slain in the battle – his army shattered, but the Hiruma provinces remain under the control of the Shadowlands for centuries to come.

The Battle of the Sleeping River – year 750
Two hundred years after his first defeat, the dreaded sorcerer Iuchiban again rises to threaten the Empire. Armed with the secret of moving his spirit from body to body, Iuchiban spends the two centuries following his defeat creating a massive cult throughout the Rokugan. The Bloodspeakers, his loyal followers, amass a great army of corpses on the plain near Sleeping River. An ise zumi discovers Iuchiban’s spirit and alerts the clans to his treachery. After driving Iuchiban’s forces from Ryoko Owan, the united clans converge upon the plains of Sleeping River and destroy the sorcerer’s undead army. The ise zumi who first discovered Iuchiban manages to capture and hold his spirit until a suitable tomb can be erected, allowing the Bloodspeaker to finally be imprisoned for good.

The Fall of the Oracle of Fire – year 774
A mere decade after having been selected as the new Oracle of Fire, a minor Isawa shugenja reappears in the land of the Phoenix. Apparently insane, the Oracle goes on a rampage, destroying several small villages and an entire legion of Shiba samurai before disappearing in a massive explosion that completely incinerates an entire shrine. At the same time, the Crab serving upon the Great Carpenter Wall witness an enormous explosion of fire from deep within the Shadowlands. The Phoenix theorize that the Oracle somehow became exposed to the Taint of the dark lord and was called to the Shadowlands to serve him. It is a grim reminder that no one is immune to corruption.

The Battle of Moto – year 825
Led by family daimyo Moto Tsume, a large force of Moto warriors from the Unicorn Clan ride to the Shadowlands, hoping to aid the Crab in their struggle against the dark forces there. He does not return.

The Battle of the Chrysanthemum Petals – year 827
Moto Tsume returns from the Shadowlands at the head of a great Shadowlands army, brutally attacking the Crab and his former kin in the Unicorn. Though the Crab and Unicorn manage to fight off the invading horde, the surviving Moto are stained by the utter corruption of their daimyo. On that day, the White Guard are born, a group of Moto warriors who wear only white – the color of death – and will not rest until the last Dark Moto has been slain for good.

The Battle of the Broken Daisho – year 827
Faced with a conflict between the Lion at might plunge the Empire into war, Phoenix Champion Shiba Toriiko takes an army of Phoenix and intercedes. The Phoenix warriors keep the armies of the other clans from reaching one another, but do not lift a finger in their own defense, dying by the dozen in the hands of Lion archers. Perplexed, both Lion and Crane pull back. The Crane general, Kakita Gosano, is incensed and enters a duel with Toriiko despite her obvious superior dueling skills. Toriiko never flinches, and is cut down. Deeply shamed by his pride, Gosano sends his forces home and enters a monastery, vowing to work toward the peaceful world Toriiko desired.

The Shimushigaki Conflict – year 830
Twelve shugenja valiantly sacrifice themselves to banish the Shimushigaki, a powerful gaki returned from the spirit realms following its defeat with Iuchiban’s armies. A shrine is erected in the shugenja’s honor, and the monks there believe that so long as the Bells of the Dead ring regularly, the Shimushigaki cannot return to teh mortal world.

The Night of Falling Stars – year 960
After a three-week siege of Shiro no Yogin, the Akodo legions seem destined to capture not only the castle, but the Daidoji troops that occupy it. Preferring to risk death rather than surrender, every man, woman and child occupying Shiro no Yogin leaps from the castle walls to the ragin river below. Their torches trace their path resembling a night of falling stars.

  • The Battle of Kyuden Kitsune – year 1090*
    Each attempting to expand their holdings, the Hare and the Fox Clans begin a series of border skirmishes that threaten to explode into full-blown war. An attempt at meditation by the Crane results in a temporary truce unfortunately rendered null by the unforseen assassination of many Fox dignitaries. Although the Hare deny involvement, the Fox immediately attack, supported by the Crane. The Fox are victorious, but their daimyo blames the Crane and challenges their emissary, Kakita Toshimoko, to a duel. Toshimoko wins easily. The Emperor decrees that Crane “advisors” will assist both Minor Clans in important diplomatic decisions henceforth.

The Battle of Fate’s Gorge – year 1100
Following a slight to the Matsu family’s generals, Isawa and Matsu forces meet on the field of battle to prove once and for all whether the Imperial shugenja are truly needed by the Emperor. In an attempt to interrupt the Lion’s leadership, Master of Water Isawa Kaiyoko, magically teleports eight Shiba bushi into the war tent of the Lion to kill general Matsu Uniri and his wife Yunaki. The Phoenix fail to account for the couple’s daughter, however, and tenyear-old Content Not Found: Matsu-Tsuko saves her mother’s life by crushing the throat of the final Phoenix assassin with a boken. With Matsu Yunaki leading the Lion troops, the Phoenix are defeated on the field of battle the following day.

The Battle of the Castle of the Lion – year 1120
In an attempt to retake the Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho, also known as Violence behind Courtliness City and the Castle of the Lion, a large force of Lion samurai attack the well-entrenched Daidoji troops. Despite the valor of Akodo Arasou and his intended bride, Matsu family daimyo Matsu Tsuko, the Lion are unable to retake the city from the Crane Clan. Furthermore, the Champion of the Lion is killed in the fighting. His younger brother, Content Not Found: Akodo-Toturi, is recalled from the monastery where he was sent years ago to become the new Lion Champion.

The Three Man Alliance – year 1121
Following a series of minor squabbles over borders in court, the Scorpion Clan dispathes tactician Bayushi Tomaru to deal with the neighboring Sparrow Clan. Supremely confident that his forces can defeat whatever resistance the tiny Minor Clan can offer, Tomaru is caught completely off-guard when the Sparrow are aided in battle by the archers of the Wasp Clan and the shugenja of the Fox Clan, both of which have holdings near the Sparrow. Tomaru has no choice but to retreat. He is publicly rebuked by Bayushi Shoju for his failure against such minor opponents. The daimyo of the three Minor Clans meet following their unexpected victory and agree to form a permanent alliance against the aggression of the Scorpion Clan.

Historical Battles

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