Dragon Clan Families

Clan Champion: Togashi Yokuni

The most mysterious of all Great Clans, the Dragon have not experienced a great deal of interaction with the Empire at large throughout their history. Unknown to most, the Kami Togashi remained in direct control of their clan for over a thousand years, periodically changing bodies and names to avoid suspicion. Togashi could predict future events, but could not see his place among them, and thus he and his followers remained apart from the Empire to avoid affecting its development.

Dragon samurai are a varied lot. There is no uniform philosophy among them, although generally speaking they place more emphasis on individuality than a typical samurai. This is not to say that they do not revere bushido or service to their lords; far from it. The Dragon are as loyal as any Lion or Scorpion in the Empire, and never hesitate to lay down their life if the situation calls for it. Simply because an individual is important does not mean that one is more important than another. Giving one’s life for one’s lord or one’s family is considered the ultimate demonstration of loyalty.

If the Dragon can be said to have any truly common qualities, then appearance factors in. Dwelling in the mountains is a difficult life, and Dragon tend to be lean and muscular as a result. Their complexion is dark, and they rarely bleach or dye their hair as the Crane and Lion do.

Agasha Family
Current Daimyo: Agasha Tamori

Kitsuke Family
Current Daimyo: Kitsuke Yasu

Mirumoto Family
Current Daimyo: Mirumoto Hitomi

Togashi Order
Current Daimyo: Togashi

Dragon Clan Families

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