Doji Family

Descendents of the Lady Doji, the Doji strive for a single goal – excellence. When the Kami fell to the mortal world from the Celestial Heavens, it was Doji who turned the unorganized tribes into civilized men and women. When the First Crane had completed that seemingly impossible task, she set about sowing peace and understanding between her wildly diverse brothers and sisters in the face of Fu Leng’s invasion. Effortlessly, she helped Hida and Bayushi set aside their distrust of one another in order to minimize the advances the Dark Kami made into the fledgling Empire. After Fu Leng’s defeat, she and her son Nio turned their attentions towards creating everything that would eventually be considered “civilized behavior” for centuries to come. The art of negotiation, the ways of alliances and treaties, as well as a system of trade and barter were all devised under the scrupulous eye of Lady Doji. With her help, her descendants became talented, revered artisans, forging works of breathtaking beauty from the simplest of materials. Hantei even commented once of his sister, “She cannot touch a thing without it becoming more worthy, if only for being in her presence.”

Even in death, Doji’s reputation of perfection was unmarred. As the years passed and her brothers and sisters aged and passed as well, the First Crane finally understood that her place was no longer in the mortal world. One day, she brought her son Nio to a cliff side where she divulged to him a great many of her secrets and plans as yet unfulfilled, then walked into the ocean, serenely fading into the waters. Since that time, the Doji have become not only the face of the Crane Clan, but the symbol of perfection in Rokugan. The descendants of Doji excel in all their endeavors – it is common for a Doji samurai to be adept in courtly maneuvering, the serene arts, and the way of combat. Underestimating a Doji is a sign of profound stupidity, as one Shiba diplomat once remarked, “The only thing the Doji seem incapable of is dishonor.”

Since the beginning of the Empire, the Doji family has always maintained a close relationship with the Imperial Throne. The Emperors of the Hantei Dynasty almost always take Crane as brides, and the children of the Emperor trained among the Doji artisans and warriors with few exceptions.

The image that most have of a Crane is the picture of a Doji samurai: beautiful, graceful, and immaculate. The Doji almost always bleach their hair white to honor Daidoji Hayaku, who retrieved the Ancestral Sword of the Crane from the Shadowlands. The Doji dress each day in their finest, as if they were appearing in Imperial Court.

Doji Family

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