Daidoji Family

After the war against Fu Leng, Lady Doji’s cheerful smile and mirthful eyes were shadowed so deeply that even the First Crane could not hide her sorrow. Every night when she closed her eyes, she saw visions of her daughter, the Crane Thunder Doji Konishiko, alive in the Shadowlands and in great peril. One of Doji’s children, the silent and brooding Hayaku, could not bear to see his mother in this state. He pleaded with his father for permission to travel to the Crab lands and scour the Shadowlands in order to uncover the source of his mother’s visions. Clearly, he reasoned, this was a trick by the dark forces of Fu Leng meant to rob the Empire of its spirit, Lady Doji, and claim a small victory even though the Dark Kami had been defeated. In time, Kakita agreed to allow yet another of his children to venture into Fu Leng’s lands, but he could not bear to tell his wife. Alone and unannounced, Doji Hayaku traveled to the Crab lands and convinced the warriors there to allow him entry to the Shadowlands – no small feat, indeed.

Three years passed, and Kakia’s heart grew as cold as his wife’s, fearing that not only had he sent another of his children to die, but he had lied to his wife in doing so. In the winter of the fourth year, Hayaku returned to the Crane, but his journey had changed him. His hair had turned stark white, and his face was lined as if he had aged twenty years. A scar marked Hayaku’s throat, a wound from a fierce battle that had robbed him of his voice forever. The young bushi had sacrificed his innocence, his beauty, and his voice for a single thing – the sword of his sister, Konishiko, which he silently laid at the feet of his mother. When the First Crane’s hand touched the untainted weapon, the steel sang as if it was a chime, and all assembled knew that the Crane Thunder had finally returned home.

This spectacular act moved Doji to delcare her son’s name was now Daidoji – “Defender of the Doji”. He founded his own family, a lineage of warriors dedicated to the subtle arts of combat and tactics that would carry their clan through conflicts against superior numbers and stronger foes. In time, the Daidoji have become the strong right arm of the Crane Clan, serving as their yojimbo, war parties, and enforces. The Daidoji are respected on the battlefield by wise generals, as the Crane bushi are well known for their ability to use terrain, guerrilla tactics, and other such resources to turn the tables on enemies that should clearly crush them. The Daidoji take their traditions from their founder, causing many of them to bleach their hair white in tribute and learn the way of the yari (Hayaku’s favored weapon) as well as the sword.

The word best used to describe the Daidoji might be stark. They look decided out of place in typical Crane finery, as they tend to have a severe look about them even in the best of situations. Training in heavy armor results in most Daidoji being of heavier build than other Crane.

Daidoji Family

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