Crane Clan Families

Clan Champion: Doji Satsume

The most graceful, beautiful, and charming creature to ever set foot on the face of Rokugan was Doji, Hantei’s sister and founder of the Crane Clan. Though the armies of her brothers may have tamed the land of the nascent Empire, it was Doji that brought art and civilization to the barbaric tribes the Kami found. Though Hantei’s heart was eventually won by a mortal, it was clear that Doji was his favored sibling of all, and the descendants of the First Crane always stood close to the Hantei Dynasty. They are known as the Emperor’s Left Hand, the hand of peace, and the powerful among the Crane are nearly inseparable from their Imperial allies. Drawing from the image of their founder, samurai of the Crane Clan engage in wars of clever words and often win battles by their win and honor alone. Few courts of any significance are without a Crane representative – indeed, generally the mere presence of a Crane ambassador assures a court’s significance. The charm of Crane ambassadors combined with their artisans, storytellers, and other samurai ensures that they are well received in nearly any land, and the Clan as a whole can draw favors from almost any samurai in all of Rokugan – even the Emperor with alarming frequency.

This is not to say the Crane survive on their words alone. Just as Lady Doji brought the way of peace and arts to Rokugan, her mortal husband, Kakita, established the first formal academy of the blade. Much of what is considered acceptable in the way of single combat was dictated centuries ago by Kakita, just as Doji laid down many nuances of courteous behavior. Combined with the cunning Daidoji warriors, bushi capable of outwitting and outmaneuvering forces much larger than their own, those who think the noble Crane as little more than pampered nobles often realize the reality of their mistake far too late.

On the whole, Crane samurai have excellent grooming habits. They tend to be slight of build and athletic rather than muscular, and favor long, flowing hair that they tie back in combat. Crane artisans are the finest in Rokugan, so it is rare to find a Crane who is not well dressed.

Asahina Family
Current Daimyo: Asahina Tamako

Daidoji Family
Current Daimyo: Daidoji Uji

Doji Family
Current Daimyo: Doji Hoturi

Kakita Family
Current Daimyo: Kakita Yoshi

Crane Clan Families

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