Crab Clan Families

Clan Champion: Hida Kisada

Of all the Great Clans, the Crab Clan has the least enviable duty of all. Their clan guard the southwestern borders of Rokugan, where the Empire borders upon the sinister Shadowlands. The Crab are charged with protecting this border, holding back the dark forces of Jigoku that would otherwise consume and corrupt all that they touch. It is an endless, thankless, violent task but the Crab have risen to the calling admirably. They are a tough, independent people tempered by the fires of a thousand year war.

Their soldiers keep vigil atop the Kaiu Wall, and enormous barrier that covers the entire Shadowlands border, perhaps the most remarkable feat of engineering that Rokugan has ever seen. Though the Kaiu Wall has been broken, it is always repaired and built stronger than before. The basic Crab philosophy is one of strength and determination. To be steadfast like the mountain is the greatest virtue, to hold the line against impossible odds while one’s comrades escape to carry the fight another day is the most heroic fate a Crab can hope to meet.

To the other clans, Crab bushi have a reputation for being uncouth and boorish, a reputation not entirely undeserved. A Crab has little time for etiquette and bureaucracy while the battle on the Wall continues. They are rude and blunt, always speaking their minds, ignoring most, if not all, rules of decorum. However they are not, for the most part, stupid. A Crab recognizes his limitations and will tend to leave matters of politics in the hands of those equipped to deal with them. Among their own people, these duties fall to the Yasuki family.

While the Crab Clan is not a poor clan, many of their resources are dedicated to maintaining the Wall and supplying troops for their endless battle. The Crab are forced to constantly seek alliances and favors from other clans in order to maintain their large armies, a fact that sits poorly with many Crab, so they feel that the Empire owes them a great debt for the task they routinely perform. To be forced to beg in the courts simply so that they may continue to perform their assigned duties is intolerable for such an independent-minded clan.

One trait shared by almost all Crab is a complete and utter hatred of the Shadowlands. The Clan was almost destroyed once by a well-intentioned alliance with certain factions of the Shadowlands Horde, and the succeeding Champions have sworn that there will never be a compromise with the Shadowlands again. Even away from the Wall, Crab are recognized as the foremost enemies of the Shadowlands. When something goes awry and the Taint seems to be involved, the first impulse of many magistrate is to seek the advice of any Crab in the area.

Members of the Crab Clan tend to be larger than average Rokugani, their skin darkened from constant exposure to the elements. Facial hair is commonplace, with long beards, moustaches, or even scruffy stubble being the norm. Their speech is gruff and simple, resembling the speech of common peasants more than the elegant High Rokugani of the courts. As Crab samurai spend a great deal of time fighting beside their peasant brethren, this is not entirely a surprise.

Hida Family
Current Daimyo: Hida Kisada

Hiruma Family
Current Daimyo: Hiruma Kage

Kaiu Family
Current Daimyo: Kaiu Umasu

Kuni Family
Current Daimyo: Kuni Yori

Yasuki Family
Current Daimyo: Yasuki Taka

Crab Clan Families

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