Matsu Kaoru


Matsu Kaoru is in her early 20s. Many have often remarked that she would be gorgeous if it were not for her personality. She has black hair and almost yellow green eyes. When she goes to other clans, for things like winter court, she will wear a nice kimono and make sure that her hair and make-up are perfect, but the second that she gets back to Lion Lands, her true self comes out.

Matsu Kaoru is known to constantly be seeking physical pleasures, although it is mostly said to be with other samurai-ko since her marriage to Matsu Mitsuishi. Some even say that she plotted to become pregnant with their daughter in order to “win” him after Doji Kiyo of House Kotagama pointed out that he was sleeping with multiple women. Some rumors from that Imperial Court along with following ones say that she went on to seduce many of Mitsuishi’s former conquests, even making it a point to flaunt it in front of Mitsuishi.

Matsu Kaoru is a member of the Lion’s Pride and spends little time at home with her husband and daughter. Many who know her husband though, will remark on how he used to have a mischievous light to his eyes, which has long since disappeared as he is now a shadow of his former self and seems to only do what his wife wants him to.