Kakita Tetsumaruko

Rokugani Historian


Kakita Tetsumaruko, or Ten to those who know her, is of average height, looks, and everything else. She often goes unnoticed, and prefers it that way. She has long black hair that goes about to her mid-back and wears plain kimonos in Crane clan colors.


Kakita Tetsumaruko (Ten) was born Iuchi Tetsumaruko into the Unicorn Clan. She was among Kakita Minoru’s yojimbo when he was Emerald Magistrate, during the closing days of the Clan Wars.

She was forced into marrying Minoru’s younger brother. Who now occupies the majority of her time babysitting him as he tries his best not to bring anymore Oni to life. They have two children together, a sixteen year old daughter, Kakita Sakimi, and a ten year old son Kakita Nio.

Ten was trained in the Shinjo Scout school, before her marriage into the Crane Clan. She would later study at the Kakita Artisan school. She is currently known as a historian and spends her time either studying history, or writing new history books.

Kakita Tetsumaruko

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