Daidoji Sakimi

Crane Shugenja


Previous of the Kakita family.

Kakita Sakimi always has a smile on her face, even when trying her best to keep a straight face. She has dyed white hair that is pulled up into a maiden’s knot.


Kakita Sakimi is the daughter of a famous artisan, Kakita Daichi, and his former unicorn wife, Kakita Tetsumaruko. Sakimi inherited her mother’s families love of animals and ability to speak with the kami, as well as, to a lesser degree, her husband’s artistic ability. She graduated early at the age of fourteen from Asahina Shugenja School.

She has a little brother, Kakita Nio, who is currently ten.

Kakita Sakimi loves to spend her free time with animals and is known for being soft-hearted. She does however epilepsy.