Kakita Nori

Kakita Hatori's father


Kakita Nori has striking dark eyes and a shaved head (which is rumored to have been shaved in order to hide his receding hairline). He is wiry and lean, standing at 5’10". He is fifty-eight years old.

Kakita Nori currently serves as part of the Empress’ Guard despite his age. He often jokes that he is going to retire the day after Doji Satsume.


Wife- Kakita Mineko


Kakita Goro, age 33
Kakita Sanzo, age 31
Kakita Toshi, age 29
Kakita Hoshi, age 27
Kakita Hatori, age 19


Kakita Nori is the only remaining child of his parents, having lost his two brothers during the Clan Wars. He attended the Kakita Duelist Academy and graduated at the top of his class. He served as a yojimbo to Doji Hikaru of House Katogama for his first two years out of school, before being selected to join the Empress’ Guard.

Kakita Nori married Kakita Mineko in an arranged marriage right after her gempukku and they had their first child a year later. They were a good match and have five children together. Even though it is a marriage that was arranged shortly after her birth, they have grown to care greatly for one another.

He has insisted that each of his sons attend the same school as he did, even though one ended up going to the Kakita Jester School after his first rank.

He is proud to have married four of his five sons off in political marriages for the good of his clan, with his youngest already set to marry Bayushi Sayuri, as a symbol of peace after the Clan Wars.

Kakita Nori

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