Kakita Hoshi

Kakita Hatori's Brother


If someone had to choose one word to describe Kakita Hoshi, it would have to be severe. He has a very strong brow and often looks like he is minutes away from snapping. Despite this fact, he is a very outgoing young man, who is known to have a few problems when it comes to women.


It is rumored that just weeks before his wedding, Hoshi almost eloped with an unknown ronin. However, she never showed up to their agreed upon meeting sight, so he went along with his marriage. Some say that he still goes to their meeting spot every year on the anniversary of that date, hoping that she will show.

Hoshi is often said to walk the thin line between honor and dishonor when it comes to his vices. He is said to enjoy his women and his alcohol.


Kakita Hoshi was the youngest child of Kakita Nori and Kakita Mineko for the first eight years of his life, until his younger brother was born. Hoshi tried to live up to the standards set by his oldest two brothers, and was even able to go serve on the wall alongside the Crab as part of an exchange shortly after the Clan Wars.

While he was there, he met a female Ronin, named Reiko, who he became very close to. Some say that she even saved his life during a fight against an oni.

After a year with the Crab, Hoshi returned home to Crane lands to get married. He married Kakita Sakura, nee Asahina Sakura. Kakita Sakura is a faithful and dutiful wife for him and the two have a child with another one on the way.

It is no secret that the relationship is only one sided as far as faithfulness goes.

Kakita Hoshi currently serves as part of the Empress’ Guard along with his father and oldest brother.

Kakita Hoshi

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