Hida Ayame

Crab Courtier, trained in the Doji Courtier school


Hida Ayame has short black hair, compared to most Rokugani women that flows loosely down to her mid-back. She is a bit of an oddity amongst both other Crab and courtiers. Ayame stands at about six foot one inch tall and has the striking looks that are typical for members of Scorpion clan more than crab. She had inherited her looks from her mother and her height from her father.

Despite being a courtier, she often has both a katana and no-dachi, in addition to the normal wakasashi. She holds her katana as one of her most treasured belongings, as it was the katana given to her late husband at his gempukku.

Ayame wears a fine dark blue kimono with gold flowers around the bottom. It was a gift from her classmates before returning to Crab lands. She’ll often say that she’d prefer to be in armor though, since it impedes her movement.

Ayame is very protective of her younger sisters, even though she doesn’t know the younger ones very well. She sewed her youngest two sister their wish dolls on her way to the Doji Courtier School and sent them back with her escort to look over them.


Please note that just because a rumor is written on the wiki, does not mean its true

  • Ayame is often referred to amongst Crane as “Kisada’s pet”. Some rumors even go as far as to say that she is Kisada’s (or one of his children’s) concubine.
  • While in school, it was rumored that Hida Ichiro of house Kakeguchi, was in fact a bastard child and not Hida Nori’s. Some even whispered that she was in fact Kisada’s until her marriage to his son.
  • It is rumored that during their brief marriage Ayame and Takahiro were inseparable, barely leaving their bedchamber even for meals. Some Crab samurai that were in Takahiro’s unit even claim that Hida Kisada had to pull his son from her bed, when it came time to go over the wall.
  • It was rumored that Hida Ichiro slept with half of her class at the Doji Courier school and used her beauty to manipulate people.
  • Some whisper that she slept with her sensei in order to make it through school.
  • It’s rumored that an entire class of Doji courtiers are stuck waiting at their dojo for a chance to apologize to Hida Ayame.

Clan:* Crab
Family: Hida Family, but was born into the Kakeguchi Vassel Family
School: Doji Courtier

Hida Ayame is the oldest daughter of Hida Nori and his late wife Hida Ayane (nee Shosuro Ayane). When she was first born, her father decided to name her the male name for a first born child, Ichiro, believing that it would inspire her to be tougher and act more a like a man (a tradition that he followed with all nine of her younger sisters as well).

When she was three, Ayame moved away from her family to live at Kyuden Hida for six months out of each year. It was within her first week there that she declared that she was going to marry, Takahiro. Ayame showed great skill in her bushi skills and was able to begin schooling at the Hida Bushi school at the age of nine, even though Kisada decided that she would better serve her clan as a courtier.

When she was young, it became apparent that despite her height, she had inherited her mother’s dangerous beauty, so it was decided that she would attend the Doji Courtier school in Crane lands as soon as she turned ten. She didn’t find out until years later that Hida Kisada only had to pay 10 koku for her training, because a bet that he made with Doji Satsume. Shortly after she left for Crane lands, she received the news that her mother had passed away from complications of delivering her youngest sisters. Ayame was heartbroken, but decided to go on with her training anyway, as her mother would have wanted her to.

Ayame stood out like a sore thumb at the Crane school. She was a good head taller than most of the other students, lacked the bleached white hair of the Doji students, and also seemed to develop much earlier physically. This led her to being bullied quite a bit behind closed doors, as many, including some sensai, believed that she was only accepted on a dare. Ayame was able to make one close friend during her time there, Doji Kiyo.

As Ayame got closer to her gempukku, it became clear to the other students that she was living up to their teachings rather than the typical Crab stereotype, and they slowly started to accept her.

She managed to ace her Doji Courtier gempukku, Ayame returned to to crab lands and spent a week in the Shadowlands. While on the other of the wall, she managed to organize a group of crab bushi to work together and slay an oni. Even though it was just her first experience with wearing armor.

After her gempukku, Ayame returned to Crab lands. She married her childhood friend, Hida Takahiro within two weeks of returning. They had a short time together before he was called back into service in the Shadowlands. It was shortly after he left that Ayame was thrilled to discover that she was expecting their first child together. She sent news to him at once, although it is unknown whether the letter ever made it to him, as she received news of his death soon after.

Ayame continued to serve her clan as a courtier throughout her pregnancy and the birth of her son. She is currently in a village a couple of miles away from her father’s with her in-laws, while she is nursing and recovering from childbirth. She is still busy attempting to teach more etiquette to fellow members of her clan.

Relationships (Allies, Family, and Nemesis)

Hida Ayame may not have left the Doji Courtier schools with as many close allies as she would have wanted, but she did leave with one close friend, the now Emerald Magistrate, Doji Kiyo of House Katogama. She still corresponds with some of the men from her class, but mostly it’s due to their interest in war stories. She also has a sizeable stack of apology letters from former classmates, that she keeps just in case they should ever be needed.

Ayame came from a large family being the oldest of ten daughters. Despite being very protective over them, she doesn’t actually know them very well, since they were all six and under when she left for Crane lands. She has tried fostering relationships with them during breaks, but her duties at Kyuden Hida have kept her on the opposite side of Crab lands since her marriage.

Ayame and her father, Hida Nori do not always see eye-to-eye, but they do respect and in some ways love each other. He was the main motivation behind Ayame insisting that she have a second gempukku and go across the wall after her return to Crab lands, in order to cement her role within society.

Hida Ayame was lucky enough to marry her best friend since childhood, Hida Takahiro. She had been about four when they met. They had an instant like for each other, despite him being for years older. She followed him around for hours, telling everyone that they were going to get married when they grew up. Both of their fathers found this hilarious and encouraged it into becoming an inside joke between the two. He along with his father escorted her to the Doji Courtier school when she was ten, where unaware of most of the crane etiquette, they joking referred to each other as “my betrothed” along with other flowery nicknames. The two wrote weekly letters to each other until he was assigned to the wall, when it switched to monthly. It was during this time that they decided that they did want to marry one another.

Hida Ayame married into her husband’s family. Her father-in-law, Hida Kisada, The Great Bear, is responsible for her attendance of the Doji Courtier school

Hida Ayame choose to take the name Ayame in memory of her mother, Ayane. She has always missed her and wishes that she could find out more about her mother’s family. Her mother was the younger half-sister of Hantei Kachiko and Shosuro Hametsu