Doji Kiyo of House Kotagama

Topaz Magistrate, trained as a Doji Courtier. Played by Mandy


Crane_Mon.jpg Mannerisms
Just as dawn approaches she wakes up, gets dressed, and performs the 100 Iaijutsu draws she was taught by the Kakita Dueling Academy.

At night, she spends 30 minutes praying to her Ancestor, Kakita Kiyomi, and the Fortune Benten.

She keeps a journal where she writes anything that would be considered “noteworthy”. When the journal is filled (or she has reason to believe that it needs to be protected), she sends a copy of it to her parents and husband with instructions on where to keep it safe and if/when to read its contents.


She has the traditional white-dyed hair, normally up in something complex. Sharp, grey eyes are ever watching her surroundings. The word Duty is tattooed on her left wrist and Honor on her right (a tradition associated with Daidoji Iron Warriors). Her voice is light and almost airy when she is not serious (though she takes herself too seriously for this to occur often). She has sharp features that make her appear older than she is, though her eyes have a softness to them (especially when she’s performing or feeling especially cunning).


The katana’s guard has a white crane on the top with dark blue waves below it. The bottom of the pommel has the Crane mon. The guard is wrapped in the same dark blue with Crane blue peeking through, though there is a thin gold line in honor of her mother. The saya is a deep, plum mahogany wood.


  • Hida Ayame is her lesbian lover. That’s why she took such an interest in her throughout school.
  • She trained with weapons during her time at school to “learn” from the guys.
  • Despises the wedding arrangement with Otaku Dayu, but she is an exemplary example of Duty and Bushido.
  • Found a way to trick her opponent at the Topaz Championship into missing his strike. He would have won if not for that last point.
  • Has been discreetly looking into the journal that was released under her Ancestor’s name.

Provided her expectations on the first evening meal shared with each new member of her Magistrate group.

This journal is just a collection of any important documents, notes, or reports she has written.

Clan: Crane
Family: Kotagama (Vassal of Doji)
School: Doji Courtier

Won the Topaz Championship three years ago.


Ancestor – Kakita Kiyomi

Husband – Doji Dayu
Son – Doji Akio

Father – Doji Hikaru
Mother – Doji Naora
Brother – Doji Eien
Sister-in-Law/Ally – Doji Shizue

Ally – Hida Ayame
Ally – Doji Inoue
Ally – Daidoji Misashi (marriage to Sakimi)
Ally – Kakita Sakimi (marriage to Misashi)
Ally – Kakita Daichi (Sakimi marriage to Misashi)
Ally – Kakita Tetsumaruko (son assigned to shinjo bushi & shinjo scout path)
Ally – Kakita Kenji (Namika and Yasuki marriage)
Ally – Ide Tal-Tal (blissful betrothal)
Ally – Ariko (cursed and befriended)
Ally – Narumi
Ally – Kashin (geisha sister brought to Imperial Winter Court)
Ally – Shiba Aki (geisha pass-rich)
Ally – Shiba Tadanobu (geisha pass)
Ally – Shiba Yoson (geisha pass)
Ally – Bayushi Soh (emerald yojimbo)
Ally – Yasuki Tsubasa (marriage to Teinko)
Ally – Ide Otsu (multiple school w/ Doji Courtier)
Ally – Hida Hisashi (son marriage to Kitsu Ran)
Ally – Akodo Barakou (assist Yo succeed in court)
Ally – Shogi Toichi (performer, permission for troupe travel)
Ally – Kitsuki (brag rights for extended “clue-game)
Ally – ”/characters/asako-mai" class=“wiki-content-link”>Asako Mai (daughter going to Asahina school)
Ally – Matsu Kaoru (Mitsushi marriage)

Douche – Matsu Mitsuishi

Servant – Yoruichi
Servant – Yuzu
Horse – Hachimitsu (means honey)

Doji Kiyo of House Kotagama

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