Matsu Mitsuishi

Lion trained at the Daidoji Scout school.


Matsu Mitsuishi is the youngest child of Daidoji So and Daidoji Kikiyo. He has an older sister, who is three years older than he is, and an older almost identical twin brother, Daidoji Misashi.

As children, Mitsuishi and Misashi were nearly identical in almost every way, other than their hair color and personality. When they reached school age, Mitsuishi began to dye his hair white to match his brothers.

Mitsuishi is 5’10". He is wiry and quiet on his feet. His once white dyed hair that came down to his knees, was cut short during a duel with Kakita Hatori, and since his marriage to Matsu Kaoru he has not been able to maintain the white dye. Mitsuishi no longer wears fine quality kimonos, instead wearing plan kimonos in Lion colors, when he is not in his ashigaru armor.

Mitsuishi showed a natural gift to the lower aspects of his families duties, and was happy to follow his father’s footsteps and attend the Daidoji Scout school.


Matsu Mitsuishi used to take great pride in his ability to look like his twin and ride the coattails of his honor. It has been said that he would sometimes pretend to be Daidoji Misashi to be able to seduce women.

Matsu Mitsuishi was a bit of a womanizer before his marriage. During his last winter court before his wedding, he is sad to have had affairs with over a dozen women, rumored to include Kakita Tienko (the daughter of Kakita Yoshi ), Kakita Aimi (the young wife of a Kakita duelist sensei), and a few more. Some whisper that he even fathered a couple children with married women. Many believe that he only agreed to marry the Matsu because she was carrying his child.

Since his wedding, Matsu Mitsuishi has become a black sheep from his birth family and clan. His wife has made a point to work on breaking him down to the point that he’s now little more than a shadow of his former self. It is sad that his wife has continuously had affairs with other samurai-ko, most of the time with no attempt to hide them from Mitsuishi.

He and his wife have a daughter, who was born about seven months after their marriage. His daughter at two has already shown that she has inherited Mitsuishi’s beauty, but the temperament of her mother. Matsu Takara is very active and brash, even compared to the normal two year old.

Matsu Mitsuishi

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