Daidoji Misashi

Crane Courtier, Daidoji Trading Council


Daidoji Misashi is the oldest son and heir to a wealthy family, who has gentry over a large town. He has an older sister, Daidoji Nao, who is three years older than he is, and an almost identical twin brother, Daidoji Mitsuishi.

Daidoji Misashi has spent the last two years living amongst the Yasuki of the Crab Clan and it shows. His once long naturally white hair, is now chopped off short and he wears an eye patch where his right eye used to be.

Through sure determination on his part, Daidoji Misashi has been able to cling to his sense of honor and belief in Bushido.


Daidoji Misashi always had an idealistic way of looking at things. His father will often complain about a time when they tried to teach him some of their school skills in order to give him a head start, only to have him lecture them on Bushido and the dishonor that doing such a thing would cause him. After several of these lectures, including one in front of his clan champion when he was about six, it was decided that he would go to the Doji Courtier School, and train in order to serve his clan as a merchant.

Daidoji Misashi grew up close to the residence of Doji Satsume as his parents both served as his yojimbo. When he was around seven, he met Doji Kiyo of House Katogama, when her family arrived in the middle of the night while fleeing their home village. The two became quick friends, due to their shared idealistic outlook. The friendship continued throughout their school years, where Misashi strove to protect both Kiyo and Hida Ayame from the unfair rumors surrounding them.

He was once betrothed to Kakita Namika, but begged his parents to call it off, because of the dishonorable conduct that she had towards her peers.

Daidoji Misashi distinguished himself from his classmates and was able to be assigned as an emissary to the Crab upon his graduation.

He lost an eye, during his service over the Carpenter’s Wall with a squad of Crab, including his Yasuki allies. He does not like to talk about it in detail though, and will usually try to change the topic.

A year and a half after his gempukku, Misashi was chosen to serve on the Daidoji Trading Council to oversee the Cranes commercial affairs with the Crab.

Daidoji Misashi

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