Legend of the Five Rings Aftermath

Third Session

Traveling and meeting with the contact

The group leaves Crane lands and travels uneventfully to the boarder between Scorpion Lands and Crab Lands. They meet up with the last yojimbo for the group, Akodo Yo. After a little bit of effort, they found their contact, or rather their contact, Soshi Megumi, found them. She let them know about the alleged maho activity along with having a conversation about Shadowland lore, behind a rice paper wall of course. She explained that she was not allowed in the small town to be able to investigate herself and has been trying to get some help for nine months now.

Akodo Yo and Kitsune Midoriko were sent ahead to meet with Hida Nori, the lord over the small village. While they went on ahead to let him know that the Emerald Magistrate was coming, Kakita Hatori worked on their gift for him.


wintersfirstdaughter wintersfirstdaughter

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