Legend of the Five Rings Aftermath

Fourth Session

Investigating Maho when the truth comes out

Kitsune Midoriko and Akodo Yo start off the session in Hida Nori’s village waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. They go through normal morning routines with Yo acting as Midoriko’s yojimbo, including for her morning run. They make a point of noticing that the bathhouses are practically empty compared to the bathhouses in different clan territories.

An hour before the Emerald Magistrate is due to arrive, Midoriko and Yo met Hida Ayame. After Doji Kiyo of House Katogama, Kakita Hatori, and Agasha Nayoko arrive, Midoriko updated them on the information that she had gathered so far, and about the strange crab they met earlier.

The group, including Soshi Megumi, went to Hida Nori’s home. Ayame served as Yoriki for Hida Nori, instead of the injured samurai that he had serving him the night before. She took the group into see Nori and made introductions. Kiyo started off by asking Nori about his knowledge of the rumors. He told her that he knew all of the peasants residing in his village and that the only time he heard anything about Maho was when Soshi Megumi had been there a year before asking about it.

Kiyo turned her questioning to Soshi Megumi, who started to tell about a former member of her clan, who had a drastic personality change 13 years ago. This caused both Nori and Ayame to loose their temper, even though they were able to control it enough to sit still as they commanded Megumi to get out of their house. The group positioned themselves between Megumi and Nori, while they escorted her out of his house and into the Inn, in custody.

While in custody, the group began the process of forcing her to get clean from her opium. During this process they subject her to lessons about Bushido, along with other topics.

Kiyo worked on her report for the Emerald Champion, Doji Satsume, while Midoriko and Yo continued to finish the footwork to find out if their was any actual rumors. They discovered that Megumi had forced her servants to spread account of maho and that she had also used them for spell practice.

It was decided that Kiyo and the rest of the group, must watch over the negotiations between the Crab and the Scorpion in order to see a peaceful end to this matter.


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