Legend of the Five Rings Aftermath

First session

Expectations and Sudane

Our story begins in the year 1146, the fourth year of the rule of Hantei XXXIX. The empire has been at relative peace for the past thirty years, other than the conflicts with the Shadowlands and the destruction of the Hare Clan.

Doji Kiyo of House Katogama has been appointed as Emerald Magistrate and has been assigned her first set of yojimbo. They include Kitsune Midoriko, Kakita Hatori, and Agasha Nayoko. After having tea, Doji Kiyo provided the group with her expectations. The group then moved on to sharing sake.

Doji Kiyo explained that they were tasked with investigating the validity of rumors stemming from a small town in Crab territory. Doji Kiyo was told that they would meet with the last of her assigned yojimbo and a point of contact for further information.

While explaining their strengths for Doji Kiyo, Kakita Hatori and Kitsune Midoriko quickly entered into a game of Sadane on the subject of hunting.


wintersfirstdaughter wintersfirstdaughter

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