Welcome to our page for the 2016 Legend of the Five Rings game


This is the wiki for our current L5R campaign. It will be used to keep track of what has happened so far in the adventure as long as to share a bit of background information about characters (both PC and NPC), locations, and documents that become important down the road. Please feel free to add your own character information along with any PC documents that you would like to share. Our game takes place in a different version of history where the Scorpion Coupe and Lion Darkness never happened.

Our story begins in the year 1146, the fourth year of the rule of Hantei XXXIX. The empire has been at relative peace for the past fifteen years since the end of the Clan Wars, other than the conflicts with the Shadowlands and the destruction of the Hare Clan.

Charter of the Emerald Magistrate
House Rules
Daimyos and Champions

Please note that these wikis are NOT IC

Legend of the Five Rings Aftermath

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