Beiden Pass

Beiden Pass (Roka Beiden) is the spine of Rokugan’s trading routes. It’s strategic position makes it the largest and most frequently used pass in the Spine of the World Mountains. Over the centuries it has been heavily contested by the Lion, Crane and Scorpion, and many great battles were fought here. It was the only pass in the Spine of the World Mountains that was wide enough to move an army through.


Pass also was called the Crossroads of the Empire It was a mountainous region with a great crevasse, separating the north from the south and the east from the west. If any wished to circumnavigate the Pass, they would have to move over a hundred miles out of their way to do so.

Notable Battles
Battle of the Bloody Retreat


The Battle of the Bloody Retreat in 750 saw the Scorpion Clan fight a losing battle against the undead army of Iuchiban. For five days the Scorpion fought a bloody retreat, losing ground every day to buy the Lion Clan enough time to gather troops to fight off the Bloodspeaker at the other end of the pass. At the end of the pass they were met by the cheers of thousands of Lions who rushed into battle the undead and pushed them northward along the Way of Righteous Vengeance Road where Iuchiban’s hordes were defeated in a final Battle of Sleeping River.

Battle of Beiden Pass

The Battle of Beiden Pass in 1127 was fought between the Crab Clan army and the allied forces of the Dragon, Unicorn and Toturi’s Army. The Crab intended on pushing north through the Empire and crippling trade routes, but were held by the coalition force led by Toturi the Black. Crab led by Hida Sukune and Hida Yakamo were driven south, and the battle was regarded the true beginning of the Clan War.



The small city of Beiden in the Beiden province is located just south of Beiden Pass. It has a temple devoted to Tengen, the Fortune of Literacy.