Stable hand and groomer for Doji Kiyo.


Serious and intense are underselling her. She would much prefer the company of animals than she does of people, though she has grown fond of Inoue since meeting her. She rarely speaks, but when she does it is short and to the point. She is well-kept, thanks to Inoue’s eye for detail. Yuzu has started to take pride in how she appears as well as how precise she is. She is a keen observer, taking advantage of taking care of her master’s horse to eavesdrop on passerbys.

Though she does not say it, she has also started to appreciate Doji Kiyo’s way of management. Though they interact very little, Kiyo seems to understand Yuzu’s preferred work and has been left to it. And just like her time with the Unicorns, she has been given time in which to do what she would like, instead of just working for her master (or the master’s mount, which is more accurate).

Yuzu has dark hair that she keeps up. She has small, dark eyes that are ever watching her surroundings. She makes a point to wash her hands and face now, so they do not show obvious signs of her time in the stables. Her kimono is well-cared for with a mixed style of Unicorn and Crane. She is a tall, slender woman.


Yuzu is an intense, if quiet individual. She was born in the Phoenix lands by the personal attendant of Isawa Ryoba. She was just a child when her family was taken in by their master’s brother, Otaku Toju, Otaku Dayu’s father. It took a few years before her mother explained why they had moved lands. That their master had betrayed his family. It was thanks to the kindness of the Otaku Toju that their lives were spared. This event is where all of Yuzu’s motivation is inspired from.

Yuzu grew up on the large plot of land of the Unicorns, learning to care for the horses. She takes great pride in each and every action she takes both in preparation and execution. She talks very little, but when she does it is precise, to the point, and to many would be considered rude and offendable, as there is no etiquette.

She was reassigned to assist her current master, Doji Kiyo, in her endeavors as a gift from Otaku Toju and his wife, Otaku Katsue. Otaku Dayu was thrilled that his parents had so readily accepted his choice in bride. Unbeknownst to him or his betrothed, Yuzu was sent as more than a groomer. Yuzu was sent to keep an eye on Doji Kiyo, both to make sure that the rumors of her time “training” with men were false and for Otaku Dayu’s parents to get a read on the kind of person Kiyo is.