Kakita Tsubasa

Ronin met in the City of the Rich Frog


He is very well groomed for a Ronin and carries himself in a way that gives away the fact that he once had a clan. He generally dresses in browns with a conical hat covering the top half of his face. When his hat is actually removed, he has his hair typically in a loose top knot. He has a thin trace of a mustache and goatee.

He stands about 5’11" and has a thin, wiry frame.



On his inner forearm, he has a small tattoo of a crab.


Yasuki Tsubasa is in his mid-20s and has faithfully been serving the Crab clan since his gempukku. About a year ago, the trade routes carrying supplies for the Crab armies in the Shadowlands began to be targeted by bandits and smugglers outside of the City of the Rich Frog. Tadaka volunteered to become a ronin in order to better investigate the situation.

Yasuki took the name Tsubasa upon his gempukku in honor of his ancestor Yasuki Tsanumi.


Tadaka along with his two yojimbo, Kaihei and Taiko, have been in the City of the Rich Frog for a couple of months now. They have been observing the rising tensions between the Unicorn and the Lion. They have also been keeping an ear out for information about the smuggling trade routes.

He married Kakita Tienko, daughter of Kakita Yoshi