Soshi Megumi

Maho expert and hunter. Known to be a social outcast.


Deceased 1146, fifth day, month of the hare

Soshi Megumi doesn’t stand out in a crowd. She is often forgotten and no one really remembers what she looked like to begin with. She has average looks, stands at an average height, and has an average build. She has black hair, that is pulled up into a maiden’s knot, despite her being over twenty-two years of age. Her eyes are brown, although they are hardly visible beneath her mask.

Megumi dresses in unremarkable kimonos in scorpion colors.


Soshi Megumi trained at the Yogo Shugenja School. She left her gempukku with only a scrap of fabric for her mask. Soshi spends most of her life in the search of forbidden lore. She loves to learn everything she can about Maho users and the Shadowlands.