Shiba Sojuro

Doji Dayu's yojimbo


Shiba Sojuro is a soft hearted, kind, and incredibly friendly Phoenix Bushi. He is quick to smile and to tell a joke to try to lighten up a mood.


Shiba Sojuro is the only child of his parents. His father is a sensei at the shiba bushi school.

He competed against Doji Kiyo of House Katogama in the Topaz Championship, making it into the last round. Where he became good friends with, Otaku Dayu.

He was betrothed to Agasha Nayoko and has been since shortly after her birth, but the betrothal fell through after the Agasha joined the Phoenix clan. He was then betrothed to Shiba Raku, the younger sister of his charge. They were married shortly after her gempukku. The two had a son nine months after their marriage and discovered they were expecting a second child when their son was almost two months old.

He is currently serving the Phoenix as an emissary to the Unicorn clan, after a lot of convincing so that he can be closer to his good friend.