Kitsune Midoriko

Fox Clan, Imperial Herald, formerly played by Shrimp


Clan: Fox
Family: Kitsune
School: Imperial Herald

Lean and wiry, Midoriko is built like a fox. She’s quick on her feet with a small but athletic build. She stands barely 5 foot and 100 lbs soaking wet. Midoriko is proud of her minor clan and wears their colors with her head held high. She wears their standard colors of red, brown and silver. She accentuates her own kimono with more silver colors than what is standard since it is her favorite color.

Her hair is long and as dark as a raven while her skin is as white as silk. Midoriko’s eyes make her stand out more than she likes to admit. Both eyes are golden like her clan’s namesake. It helps her look cunning but tends to put people off. Some people have gotten unsettled by her stare, making it difficult to sometimes do her job.

Before the sun rises, Midoriko is awake with her servant, Kaito. The two prepare for a long run around the city or village the two currently reside in. This process is recreated at sunset while the two run the premises in the opposite direction. She takes a warm bath after each run, knowing that if an important individual saw her in such a state it would be unsightly. Before she retires, she always writes a letter to her husband and has it sent the following morning.

When not on a mission or current task, Midoriko spends her time with the townspeople. Like most people in her school, she likes to help the town in any way she can. Most of what she does is simple work or she opens a little clinic to help the smaller towns.


Ancestor -

Husband – Kitsune Kiyamo
Father – Kitsune Jotaro
Mother – Kitsune Kimi
Mother-in-law – Kana

Ally – Miya Shosuke

Servant – Kaito
Fox (Hunting Dog) – Haru
Horse – Miyabi

Kitsune Midoriko

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