Kitsune Kiyamo

Husband of Kitsune Midoriko and friend of Kakita Hatori


The first word to come to most people’s mind when they think of Kiyamo is flighty. He is often daydreaming and rarely pays attention to what is going on around him. Even when he tries to pay attention he is easily distracted by pretty much anything else going on in the room. The one exception to this is when he is dueling. It seems to be the only time when he can actually focus on the task at hand.


Kitsune Kiyamo, formerly Ottomo Kiyamo, is the fifth son of Hantei XXXIX. His mother was a geisha at the time of his birth, so he spent the first eight years of his life in a geisha house until his true parentage was revealed. He was optically recognized by his father during winter court while he was eight.

Kiyamo was sent to the Kakita Duelist Academy when he was ten, where he met and became good friends with Kakita Hatori.

Within a couple of weeks of his gempukku, he met and married Kitsune Midoriko, joining the Fox Clan.

Kitsune Kiyamo

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