Hida Ran

Akodo Yo's Younger Sister


Youngest sister.
Two years younger.
She is very attractive, even a scorpion would be impressed. Brilliant red hair, naturally the color the lions sometime dye it.

Was sent off the dragon clan and betrothed at a very young age. Looks exactly like her mother. There are some rumors that something dark happened. That she was the result of an affair or something else even stranger. It is unknown to Yo is there is any truth to them, and he has no desire to find out. The official reason she was sent away was because she reminds his father too much of his mother. The resemblance is striking. She almost never returns home, and they were close as children and for a long time sent frequent letter, but as the pressures on both of their schools take more time the letter are less frequent on both sides. Yo would jump at a chance to visit her and get to know her betrothed and he pray he is a nice man. Evidence suggest she will be a very powerful Shugenja.

Father had her keep her mother surname, again the reason are unclear but the ties to the Kitsu are very evident.

After the Agasha switched clans, Kitsu Ran’s betrothal was broken to the young man and she was sent to serve as scribe to Doji Naora of House Kotagama for the duration of the summer before spending her final year at the Kitsu school. Upon graduation, Ran married Hida Etsuo, in a surprisingly successful marriage set up by Doji Kiyo.