Kakita Toshi

Kakita Hatori's Brother


Kakita Toshi is the middle child of Kakita Nori and Kakita Mineko. He has long black hair that he usually wears loose and is known to be very handsome. He has his mother’s gray eyes.



Kakita Toshi has classic middle child syndrome and went out of his way to try to differentiate himself from his brothers. He was always pulling practical jokes as a child, which moved on to telling jokes as a young adult.

He has a quick wit and preferred to use it before his steel. His father considers him his biggest disappointment, since he decided to leave the Kakita Duelist Academy after his gempukku to instead continue his schooling with the Kakita Jester Academy.

He is married to Kakita Barako, nee Daidoji Barako, and has been since he was sixteen, but the two have no children, as they both prefer to put their duty before starting a family. (Although, there are whispers that it’s because the two cannot stand to share each other’s company for more than five minutes at a time.

Toshi is currently serving as a jester to the Emperor’s family.

Kakita Toshi

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