Kakita Sanzo

Kakita Hatori's Brother


Kakita Sanzo is the spliting image of his father, Kakita Nori. He has piercing black eyes and a long black hair.


Kakita Sanzo is the second son in his family. He has always been Goro‘s shadow. He is good at following orders and has the mind of a tactician, but is known for not having much of a personality, instead he strives to emulate his brother’s.

Like his brothers, Sanzo attended the Kakita Duelist Academy. He is married to Kakita Meiko, nee Doji Meiko, and the two have one daughter. Sanzo managed his household for the first eleven years of his marriage, until their daughter entered the Doji Courtier School, but now serves as one of his wife’s yojimbos. The two are almost inseparable and seem to have a genuine connection.

Kakita Sanzo

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