Yasuki Namika

Doji Courtier, known for being prideful.


Previously known as Kakita Namika.

Kakita Namika was a crane courtier, who went to the Doji Courtier school. She has long black hair that is pulled back into a maiden’s knot. She takes great care to make sure that her makeup, kimono, and hair is always immaculate. She spends most of her time around other courtiers and is often found playing games of sadane.

Namika often has her vanity get the better of her as she is insistent of being the best and gets a little too angry if she is called Namiko instead of Namika (despite them being almost identical and an honest mistake).


Yasuki Namika is the only child born to two powerful members of the Crane clan. Their marriage, although very political in nature, is very obviously just that as both of her parents seem to hate each other. Her father is a sensei for one of the Kakita Duelist Dojos. Her mother, on the other hand, came from the Miya Imperial Family. Namika originally attended the Kakita duelist academy for a year, when it became apparent that she lacked any talent with the katana. It was at this point that her father pulled many favors from his allies in order to get her transferred into the Doji Courtier School.

Yasuki Namika had a crush on a young Crab that she met in passing at the beginning her second year of school by the name Hida Takahiro. He was at their school dropping off his betrothed along with her family, since her family was unable to be there. At this point Namika was unsure what made her more angry, a crab going to her school (and a crab with a boy’s name at that) or the fact that the same crab was going to get the object of her first real desire.

Namika took it upon herself to make sure that this poor unfortunate Crab knew that she wasn’t cut out for life at court. She started rumors about the the crab’s heritage, trying to convince people that since the girl looked so much like a Scorpion, that she could not possibly be her father’s child. These rumors were quickly quieted when a sensei overheard them. This lead Namika to detest the Hida Ichiro even more, believing that she had purposely tattled in order to get Namika in trouble.

Namika was the very popular amongst the girls at their dojo and made sure that everyone knew that Hida Ichiro didn’t fit in with them, since she had to have her kimono and sandals specially made and they were nowhere near as fine as their own. She pointed out the difference in size and that if the stereotype about the Crab’s height was true, then obviously, she couldn’t help being blunt, ignorant, and stupid.

Every time that her rival would succeed, Namika would try to downplay it as the sensei giving her special treatment, because she couldn’t possibly be able to pass at Crane standards. When Ichiro began spending time with the male students, Namika took it upon herself to have her servants begin a rumor of overhearing Ichiro in bed with several boys. This lead to Ichiro’s self-induced isolation at the school. She would make sure that she was always polite and kind, but would not interact with the other students outside of what was expected, preferring instead to use the time working on her swordsmanship.

There was only one girl at the school that Namika was unable to turn against Ichiro, Doji Kiyo of House Katogama. Namika made it a point to try to have her friends outside of the school look into the younger student’s lineage to try to find some leverage. She made sure that any dirt that she found about Kiyo was also brought to light amongst other students at the school.

Namika felt like she may actually be succeeding, when she was able to finish things ahead of schedule to be able to go through gempukku at the age of fifteen. She was upset that all of her work against Ichiro seemed to have disappeared after her graduation, when the once lanky young woman was welcomed into the main group of students.

Since her gempukku, Namika has been struggling to make a name for herself at court, although it has been an uphill battle against her own vanity and ego.

Her ancestor is Kakita Kiyomi.

Yasuki Namika

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