Kakita Mineko

Kakita Hatori's Mother


Kakita Mineko was born with white hair, a family trait that she passed on to her youngest son, Kakita Hatori. She has kind grey eyes and has aged very well for her age. She is in her mid-forties, but looks younger.

Kakita Mineko attended the Kakita Artisan School specializing in the biwa.


Kakita Mineko was born into the Doji Family and is a second cousin of Doji Satsume. Her marriage to Kakita Nori was arranged shortly after her birth and performed two weeks after her gempukku.

She and Kakita Nori have five sons together, although it’s no secret that she was hoping to have a daughter. Her oldest was born when she was sixteen and her last at thirty.

Kakita Mineko

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