Kakita Hatori

Kakita duelist and Bushi, played by Mike


While just after his Gempukku he kept his hair dyed white to honor his mothers family. He maintained a smooth shaven face until he left to participate in the Topaz championship and let his hair return to its natural color while on the road. Mirumoto Akemi Gave him his tattoo as they toured together, bearing the image of a dragon and crane spanning his left shoulder and arm.

It could be said that his life did not really start until after his first winter court among the Imperials. Before then he works as a motionless yojimbo, not really engaging in what happened around him even if it had great implications for the empire. After that court he left for some time to pursue his desires and to attain personal growth.

For the first year he chased the dream of being Topaz Champion. That dream also provided his excuse to cut ties with Kakita Namika, whom he had engaged in an affair with until spring after she had married. While on the road his main competition in the Topaz championship was Mirumoto Akemi, a dragon of great skill and knowledge. She was an intellectual challenge and they grew quite close, pushing each other to strive for more and to grow and change. Though both are married they found great comfort in each other emotionally and physically.


Clan: Crane
How Others Would Describe Him: Arrogant, Confidant, Focused,
Role in Society: Bushi
Family: Kakita Father, Doji Mother
Main Motivation: To gain renown as the finest duelist and Emerald Champion or Shogun
Most Trusted Character: Mirumoto Akemi
Characters Greatest Strength: Dedication
Greatest Weakness: His ankles
His View of Bushido: The path to fulfill his goals
Opinion of Crane Clan: The Greatest of the Major Clans, setting the standards of society to follow
Is he Married: Yes, Bayushi Sayuri is his new wife.
Does he have any prejudices: The Yasuki family
To Whom does he owe the most loyalty: The Emperor
Favorite Things: Other Cranes
Least Favorite Thing: Crabs
Any recurring mannerisms: Not particularly
What will make him show emotion: His wife and Akemi
How would he handle a subordinates improper behavior: Depends on the servant and the situation
How would his parents describe him: As the Ideal Kakita
Highest Ambition: Emerald Champion
How religious is he: Not very religious
Characters Appearance: Tall, long black hair, wears mainly crane blue and silver, youthful, and wiry
How will he die: In battle or Seppuku
How does he relax: Saki, Calligraphy, letter writing, practicing forms
View of the lower classes: “poor lessors, so helpless”
Reward most happily received: A happy marriage and land grants. Relationship stability
Katana: Kakita Sacred Blade
Most Sacred possession: His Katana
He Loves: His wife and Akemi
He Fears: Intimacy

Kakita Nori – Father
Kakita Mineko – Mother
Kakita Goro – Brother
Kakita Sanzo – Brother
Kakita Toshi – Brother
Kakita Hoshi – Brother

Kakita Hatori

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