Kakita Goro

Kakita Hatori's Brother


Kakita Goro is quick to smile and laugh, although he has spent the majority of his adult life trying to hide that fact. He has long black hair that he has half tied back, in order to keep it out of his eyes in case of duels. He is very likeable and has many allies in other clans.


It is rumored that Goro spends almost too much time in Geisha houses.


Kakita Goro is the oldest of the five sons of Kakita Nori and Kakita Mineko. He has always been a dutiful son and samurai. He is seen by most as almost a poster child for the Kakita Duelist Academy.

He is married to Kakita Inao, nee Miya Inao, and the two have three children. Just as his father before him, Goro has insisted that his two sons study at the Kakita Duelist Academy and has been teaching them iaijutsu since they were old enough to hold a toy sword. His youngest and only daughter, however, seems to have inherited her grandmother’s musical gift.

He is currently serving in the Empress’ Guard along side his father.

Kakita Goro

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