Kaiu Utsu

Kaiu Family Daimyo and Crab Siege Master


Utsu was a calm, friendly and entirely unassuming man who had a great joy of life. He was a tall man with warm brown eyes, and a scar on his cheek from when a battlement had collapsed on him.


As a child he was fascinated by models and learned origami before he could walk. He would hold mock battles with paper armies. In training his bushi skills were adequate, but his strategic knowledge was second to none. He could plan a defense like no other.


After his gempukku he took a position in Kaiu Shiro to study the Crab defenses and how to make them better. He would also study other fortresses of Rokugan and how to breach them. As the Crab Clan Siege Master he was not a combatant and would be located with his siege weapons, not in the heat of the battle.

Kaiu Wall

During the Clan War he defended the Kaiu Wall from the Shadowlands, despite the Crab pact with the minions of Jigoku during that time. Utsu would permit no Tainted creature to cross the portions of the Wall under his command.


In 1144 the settlement which would be known as Water Hammer City rapidly grew. The monk and blacksmith Haru accepted his first students, who were offered the chance to practice his skills on the sacred forge there. 6 Kaiu Otoge, the younger brother of the Kaiu Daimyo, came there as the Crab representative.